Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Getting into the Taranik golf team

Getting into the Taranik golf team

Sitting in my chair as Mum's phone goes crazy mad as it’s jumping up and down on the table. Shshs Mum is still in the shower so I Checked  it and then the shower turned off, so I put the phone down as she walked out of the shower room . It’s an email from Mr Martin from Taranik golf. It said that Ashton is in  the Taranik golf team and practice is on saturday the 12th april. So i clean my clubs and buyed new golf ball’s. 

“YAY!!!!!! It is the day that i have Taranik golf coaching with Patrick”. So we zoomed up to new plymouth golf course. We had 2 hours of practice and i went home knowing that i am in the Taranik golf team.  

My life on the farm

I started the day in my comfortable bed thinking as minutes go passed.   Finally my alarm goes. Time to get up my body is telling me.  Bang!!! The door opened 'I wonder who it is', then a voice started to yap. It's mum talking  to the cat Mousey and they were coming inside to have breakfast. Then Dad said, "Ashton, go and get your farm gear on"" ok" I snap back. So I went and got my farm gear on and off me and Dad went down to the farm. We hopped into the McCormick tractor and we were off.  We took one bale down to feed the cows and will do the same thing tomorrow.