Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Auroa school triathlon

Waiting and waiting for my turn. Bang the girls have gone and done their 1st lap around, then finally completed their 2nd lap of the run. ”Boys can you line up on the line” said mr Chittenden. Bang! the two pieces of wood smash together and echoed inside my skull. we were off like cheetahs.I Run down  the back straight like a rocket going into outer space.  Jumping onto my  bike like a pro and I zoomed up the road as fast as my tired  legs could take me. Eeeer!! I locked on my brakes as I went past a ‘slow down’ sign. Finishing the bike leg I Jumped straight off my bike and ran it into the bike bay. then I ripped  my stinky  shoes and socks off, unclipped my helmet  and then ran to The pool area. Looking through my goggles I dived straight into the icy cold  pool water and I finished my two lengths of the school pool. Feeling very proud of myself I jumped out of the pool exhausted.

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  1. Ashton
    Great to see that you published this recount about the school event. I enjoyed reading the detail that you put into your writing. I thought that you wrote really effectively with your line about racing like a pro and I also enjoyed the description about you diving into the water.
    Mr Webb