Tuesday, 15 March 2016

School Golf Day 2016

Thursday 10th March 2016 at 9am Joe, Jordan and I were on the first tee ready to represent Auroa School in the South Taranaki Primary School Golf Tournament held at Manaia Golf course. This was a tournament run by Murray Martin of Taranaki Golf with the help of Margaret Putt who is our Manaia Junior Golf Coach. The three of us were in the 18 hole competition because we all have handicaps. Other kids from Auroa School competed in the 9 hole section because they didn’t have handicaps. They were Ava, Jayda, Harry, Jake, Mcallum, Jayden P and Jayden F. Other kids came from Stratford, Manaia and Hawera schools. After a very tough three and a half hours of focussing on my every drive, chips and putts on each hole we were able to rest our very tired bodies back in the club rooms and enjoy our lunch with a refreshing cold drink. Once every kid had finished their games we were able to have our prize giving. First Mr Martin announced the results for the 9 hole competition. The Auroa kids results: Jayden F 7th, Harry 10th, Jake 28th, Jayden P 31st, Jayda 33rd, Ava 37th and Mcallum 39th. Next came the most exciting part of the day for me. Mr Martin then presented the results for the 18 hole competition. Sitting nervously waiting to hear my name called out. I knew I had played really well because I had shot a 116 which is my best score so far for me personally but I was not sure how everyone else had played. 1st place went to a Stratford kid and then the best news I had heard all day was, 2nd Ashton Sharp! Wahoo!! I was so proud of myself. Joe got 4th and Jordan got 5th. We all had a great day and a big thank you to our parents that helped us on the day with taking our scores and being great caddies.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Auroa school triathlon

Waiting and waiting for my turn. Bang the girls have gone and done their 1st lap around, then finally completed their 2nd lap of the run. ”Boys can you line up on the line” said mr Chittenden. Bang! the two pieces of wood smash together and echoed inside my skull. we were off like cheetahs.I Run down  the back straight like a rocket going into outer space.  Jumping onto my  bike like a pro and I zoomed up the road as fast as my tired  legs could take me. Eeeer!! I locked on my brakes as I went past a ‘slow down’ sign. Finishing the bike leg I Jumped straight off my bike and ran it into the bike bay. then I ripped  my stinky  shoes and socks off, unclipped my helmet  and then ran to The pool area. Looking through my goggles I dived straight into the icy cold  pool water and I finished my two lengths of the school pool. Feeling very proud of myself I jumped out of the pool exhausted.