Monday, 28 December 2015

Helping Mum Milk the Cows

Helping Mum Milk the Cows from Ashton Sharp on Vimeo.


  1. Ashton
    What a good video I bet you helped your mum a lot by milking the cows how many cows do you milk?

  2. Ashton
    This - has to be one of the best videos that you've produced - I love the fact that you've mixed the photo's with the video and then added some additional details in great to see and it really made me smile with the detail. I think someone who see's this video will be thrilled with the detail.
    Mr Webb

  3. Wow! Great video, Ashton! You really told lots about milking! You have to know how to do so many things - impressive! You made me laugh by including about the wee and the poo - no visit to cows would be complete without them! Great job! Milking is a hard job!

  4. Hi Ashton,
    My name is Rohan G.,I live in the great lone star state of Texas. In Texas a lot of people own farms and milk cows like you do in Australia. It is so cool how you and your famiy have a farm where you get to milk cows. The video was AWESOME. It takes hard work and determination to do that kind of job.

    Sincerely, Rohan G.

  5. Hello Ashton, this video immediately caught my eye when I visited your classes main page.
    I love how many details you included, and it's really cool that you get to help with milking; I don't think I've ever even touched a cow before. Overall, this is a really well made video, I really like it.
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    Bye for now.