Saturday, 5 September 2015

What is a doggy bag?

On Friday Mum and Dad took me and Jayda to Headlands Restaurant  in Opunake for tea.  We ordered our tea and some drinks. Our meals came out large and were delicious to eat. While l was eating the last bit of my meal I looked over at Mum and Dad's plates and they were finished. Then I looked at Jayda's plate and she was struggling to eat all her tea so she asked the waitress if she could have a doggy bag. What is a doggy bag? It is a bag or a container that you put leftover food in that you couldn't eat from your meal so that you can take it home. Doggy bag got its name because customers were too full from the meal that they ordered, so they asked for a bag or a container to put their leftovers in so they could take it home to feed to their dog but secretly they eat it themselves the next day. Today the doggy bag is known as the 'take out box' or the ' to go box' or 'box'. Doggy bags became popular in the 1940's because World War II had lots of wasted leftover steak bones and other food scraps lying around. ( of the doggie bag). Jayda was happy because her leftover tea got put into a plastic container and Jayda got to bring it home and eat it for lunch the next day.

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