Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nugget and Rock

Nugget and Rock from Ashton Sharp on Vimeo.

Today Nugget and Rock left our farm for good. I have looked after these two since they were calves and today they went to the sale yards. Nugget and Rock are now over two years old. Nugget was the friendliest and came up for scratches lots of times. I am going to miss Nugget and Rock


  1. Ashton
    Yet again I want to commend you on the video work that you have put onto your student blog. A great idea for a post and wonderful to see you create the media yourself.
    Mr Webb

  2. Ashton
    this is a very good story did Nugget, Rock go on the truck?

  3. I can tell you loved Nugget and Rock very much, and that it was sad to see them go forever. Things come and go through life everyday, and we all know how that feels.