Monday, 21 September 2015

Four Leaf Clover

Last week mum found a four leaf clover when she was shifting the cows on to a new break of grass. A four leaf clover is not very common to find. Normally a clover only has three leaves. To find a four leaf clover it is meant to bring you good luck. Jayda and I went out to the paddock to see if we could find one. But we couldn't, so mum was very lucky to find this one.


  1. Ashton
    This is a great idea of a fantastic post and a really interesting thing to find. Have you ever found any others? A photo that's worth a thousand words is a proverb - and this is a great example of one of them.
    Mr Webb

  2. Ashton
    Have u had good luck yet mum found one and she got good luck