Sunday, 6 September 2015

A Cow with Milk Fever

On Friday Dad and I went to get the cows in for their afternoon milking. As I was shutting the cows in the yard I saw a white cow go down at the back of the yard. I ran to find Dad to tell him that the white cow was down. "Oh she probably has got milk fever" he said. "So can you go get a bag of glucalphos out of the cupboard?" he asked me. What is milk fever? Milk fever (hypocalcaemia) is a metabolic disorder caused by not enough calcium. A metabolic disorder is when a cow doesn't get the energy that she needs from the foods that she eats. That means this cow has no energy and just collapsed and she can not get to her feet again. Dad, Jayda and I treated the white cow with glucalphos because she had milk fever. Dad put one needle in the vein in her neck and then put another needle in under the skin over her ribs. Next he hooked up the tubes to each needle and Jayda and I held a bag each of glucalphos to let the fluid go slowly into her body. After all the treatment had gone into the cows body we left her for a little while to rest and to let the medicine work. After about 10 minutes she got up a bit wobbly, so Dad and I put her in the paddock to rest and get better.

This is Jayda and me helping Dad treat the cow that has milk fever

This is the medicine called Glucalphos that we used to treat the cow with milk fever


  1. Wow, Ashton I have learnt a lot about milk fever. That poor cow. It's great that you and Jayda were able to help your dad. This is also a fantastic piece of writing with awesome detail!

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