Sunday, 30 August 2015

Helping Ariana

Ariana Lawn is a three year old girl that has spastic dystonic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. This means she is finding it hard to move like we do because her muscles are stiff and have painful spasms which are causing damage to her hips and spine. Ariana has to have help to walk. She is a Taranaki girl and she lives close to me but I don't know her. She is asking everyone for help to raise money for her operation overseas. Ariana needs the operation to help her muscle pain hurt less and to walk on her own. She needs to raise $100,000 to go to St Louis Children's Hospital in the USA to have this operation. One of the ways that Ariana is asking for help is by asking farmers to rear a bull calf. I am helping Mum and Dad rear a calf for her. The calf is a black bull and its name is Ari. We have to rear Ari to weaning of about 100kg ready for the early November Sale. Ari has a special tag that is sponsored by Allflex that is pink. Ari gets to wear number 268. Hopefully at the sale there will be lots of calves reared and sold for Ariana so that she can have her operation.

This is Ari the black bull calf that we are rearing for Ariana

This is the information we got about Ariana that came with the pink tag 268 for our calf


  1. Ashton
    Thank you for sharing this post with me. I didn't know that you were rearing a calf for Ariana but thank you for posting about it so I had some information - it is such a noble cause. I wonder if there is some way that you can send a link to Ariana about this post - does she have a Facebook page? I appreciate the time and effort that you have put into this post and the information that you have located.
    Mr Webb

  2. This really spoke to the heart, great post and you might have persuaded me. #comments4kids Co, USA

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    aroha turnbull

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