Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The steps I take to feed a new calf

The steps I take to feed a new calf that Dad puts in our calf shed:
1:  First you need to get the cow into the cowshed.
2:  Then you get the cow from the yard and row her up into the herringbone (milking parlour).
3:  Now you have to turn on the milk pump.
4:  Now you put the milking cluster on the cows udder and watch her give all her milk.
5:  Once the cow has finished milking put some fresh warm milk into a calf feeding bottle.
6:  Now you take the bottle out to the calf shed.
7:  Then with out scaring the calf you step over the calf and use your knees to hold the calf in a headlock.
8:  Then you stick two fingers in the calf's mouth and then stick the teat in its mouth.
9:  When the calf stays on the teat drinking by itself you can release the calf from the head lock.
10: Let the calf drink all the warm milk until it's tummy is full and fat.
11: Now take the bottle back to the cowshed and rinse it out.
12: Let the calf rest with its full tummy
This calf is called Womble. This photo shows me giving Womble her first feed in our calf shed


  1. You have done a great step by step process of how to feed a calf Ashton. You do a wonderful job helping me feed our calves. Your help on the farm is very much appreciated and it is sometimes hard work. (Mum)

  2. Oh Ashton! What a terrific job you did on this post! We have done this so many times on our farm here in Alberta! The picture made me laugh - i have done that very same headlock! You are lucky that you can use milking machines to get the milk. We have to pen the cow and milk her by hand. This is not something I do very often, so I am not very good at it! Sometimes I use 'milk replacer'. Most of the time, our cows and calves stay together, we only hand feed the calves if they are sick or if something happens. Luckily, most of the time their moms look after them. I am so impressed with how well you laid out the steps to feeding the calves. You are a great help! I feel like I could follow your steps and successfully feed a calf. Great job.