Saturday, 11 July 2015

a photo of Mt Taranaki

Mum was cooking tea and I quietly sneaked mums phone and took this cool photo of Mt Taranaki from over our fence and I edited it too


  1. Sneaky, sneaky Ashton!! But it is a wonderful photo. Well done, the mountain looks beautiful with all that snow covering it. (Mum)

  2. Ashton
    Can't believe the quality of the editing that has gone with the photograph. I am not sure about getting the camera in the circumstances that you did, but I think its great that you showed determination to get it taken!
    Mr Webb

  3. Ashton, since you left your blog link I decided to respond to your questions here:

    We have four two-person desks in my room right now and several tables. I am hoping to move to a more deskless/tableless classroom this year.

    I have a teacher's desk. I need to have a space just for me to sit in and feel comfortable at. I have in the past used a standing desk but not for a couple years.

    We have four computers in the classroom. I bring two iPads and several other devices I have purchased over the years. Unfortunately, the last two years have been dificult because our internet was so slow we couldn't use them effectively.

    Feel free to ask me any more questions. :)

    Mr. C