Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The steps I take to feed a new calf

The steps I take to feed a new calf that Dad puts in our calf shed:
1:  First you need to get the cow into the cowshed.
2:  Then you get the cow from the yard and row her up into the herringbone (milking parlour).
3:  Now you have to turn on the milk pump.
4:  Now you put the milking cluster on the cows udder and watch her give all her milk.
5:  Once the cow has finished milking put some fresh warm milk into a calf feeding bottle.
6:  Now you take the bottle out to the calf shed.
7:  Then with out scaring the calf you step over the calf and use your knees to hold the calf in a headlock.
8:  Then you stick two fingers in the calf's mouth and then stick the teat in its mouth.
9:  When the calf stays on the teat drinking by itself you can release the calf from the head lock.
10: Let the calf drink all the warm milk until it's tummy is full and fat.
11: Now take the bottle back to the cowshed and rinse it out.
12: Let the calf rest with its full tummy
This calf is called Womble. This photo shows me giving Womble her first feed in our calf shed

Saturday, 11 July 2015

a photo of Mt Taranaki

Mum was cooking tea and I quietly sneaked mums phone and took this cool photo of Mt Taranaki from over our fence and I edited it too

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

One of my favourite places

A photo that I took on Monday of the 18th hole with my golf bag. It is one of my favourite places.⛳️