Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Big Belt Sander Job

I went to bed Friday night wondering what will happen tomorrow. But when I woke up in the morning Mum was right in my eyes yelling at me get up, get up. "Why do I have to get up so early in the morning?" I said. Mum said "we were going to help Nana and Pop renovate their house".  I used to live in this house. Time to get going. The truck engine has started. Coming out of the car shed and out the gate we go. We are out the gate and on the road. Turning  away from Opunake we follow surf highway 45 towards Manaia. After about 25 minutes of driving we finally arrived at Nana's new house. I walked inside with my earmuffs in my hands and I went to find pop to see if he needed help with any jobs. I found Pop in the bathroom ripping up the lino. "What a mess!!" I said. Pop said "do you won't a job man?" I said "yes pop". Pop asked "do you want to use the big belt sander and sand the floor where I have already pulled up the lino? "Yip, yip, yip I want to do that" I said excitedly. I put on my earmuffs and Pop showed me how to use the big belt sander safely. I had to hold on tightly and make sure the power cord was behind me. I pressed the start button and it took off on me, it was so powerful that I wasn't ready so pop had to reset me again. I pressed the button again but this time I was ready to hang on tight but every few minutes I had to stop and go for a walk outside to straighten my back and get fresh air because it was real dusty in the bathroom and my back hurt because I was bent over all the time. It took me 3 hours to do the whole floor. I have done the bathroom floor and I  was so, so happy it was finally finished but I was so sore and buggared and tired that pop decided that was all we were going to do for the day. We both sat down and enjoyed a good feed and drink that Nana had made us.


  1. Thanks so much for your comment Wilson - don't forget to leave your name (of your school) and your class so we can get back in contact with you.

  2. Great piece of writing Ashton. Keep up the wonderful work. Nana's floor looks awesome with the new lino down. You and Pop did a great job preparing the floor for the professionals. Pop is still laughing at your first attempt on the belt sander. He reckons you looked like a giant spider racing across the floor. I look forward to reading your next article Ashton. (Mum)