Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Blue poem

I see it on the farm
Blue tractor
I see it up in the air
Blue sky
I see it in the carshed
Blue car
I see it rough sometime
Blue sea
I see it on the wall
Blue painting
I see it on dad sometimes
Blue undies
I see it on shoes
Blue laces
I see it in the fridge
Blue powerade
I see it on my dog
Blue collar
I see my golf gear
Blue golf bag
I see it on my calf
Blue halter
I see it on my arm
Blue cast
I see it with crackers
Blue cheese
I see it on the police
Blue vest
Blue, Blue, I see blue everywhere
                             By Ashton Sharp


  1. Well done Ashton. You are getting very clever at writing different colour poems. Maybe once you have written a poem for each colour you could publish your creative pieces into your very own poem book.

  2. Nice work Ashton - I had to laugh when I got to your Dad's undies - did you have him approve that line or does he even realise the whole world is reading about his undergarments??? You've made me go around looking at everything blue - you don't realise how much blue there is till you start looking - and that's what I like about your poem, it's made me notice my surroundings! Thank you!
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View