Friday, 29 May 2015

The Muscovy Ducks are Shifting

On Saturday we went to Nana and Pops to help them start to pack and shift. They are moving to a new house. When I got to Nana and Pops I could see that we were going to be shifting Nana and my Muscovy ducks out to Glenn Road. This is where Nana and Pop are shifting to. We went inside to see Nana and Pop. Mum had a coffee with Nana while I went and helped Pop. Heading into the paddock with the trailer on behind Pop's truck we drove over to the duck house. Pop backed the trailer up to the door of the duck house. Me and Pop went to get some sheets of iron to use with the ramp so that the ducks couldn't run away. Before we could get the ducks into the trailer Nana put some pellets on the ramp to trick them to go into the trailer. The ducks wouldn't run up the ramp onto the trailer so Mum, Nana and me had to catch each duck and put them on the trailer. We had to catch 17 ducks and 2 chickens. It was funny because Nana and Mum had trouble catching the ducks because they were running and flying away. Mum had blood running off her middle finger because the ducks have sharp claws and one sliced her finger when it tried to get away from her. Pops job was to guard the trailer gate and not let the ducks get out. My job was to put the ducks into a corner to make it easier for Nana and Mum to catch them. The drakes, big boy ducks were the cheekiest and hardest to catch. Quack! The last duck goes on the trailer. Mrs Brown and Silky the 2 chickens were last on to the trailer. Clunk! The gate shuts quickly! We didn't want them to get out and have to restart the duck chase again. Click, click, click, the tie down goes hard against the ramp to hold it against the wall of the trailer. Now the ducks are ready to be taken to their new home on Glenn Road. Me, Nana and Pop head out of the gate and on to the road. Now we are on the main road and drive past Mokoia School. Next we are in Hawera. Then we are in Manaia, nearly at Glenn Road. We turn on to Glenn Road, only 1.5km to go to Nana and Pop's new house. When we got to the new house Pop had to back the trailer in by the ducks new house. This time Mum put on some gloves so she didn't get any more sliced fingers. She got in the trailer and had to catch the ducks again. Mum held on to each duck tightly so that Nana could clip their wings. Clip, clip, clip the ducks wings are clipped so they don't fly out of their new pen. Nana only clipped one wing on each duck because they need to be uneven so that they can't fly. My job was to open the door for Nana to put the ducks into their new home and not let them out. Our Muscovy ducks and chickens are happy in their new home. They have a warm house and a yard to run around in and a pool to swim in. By Ashton Sharp

Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to back a truck and trailer into a ramp

1st step You have to get a cattle truck and trailer. 2nd step Then you put the truck into reverse. 3rd step When you have backed the trailer then you put the trailer brakes on. 4th step When you sill have the trailer brakes on then you back the truck up to the trailer. 5th step Then you take them to some farm.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Blue poem

I see it on the farm
Blue tractor
I see it up in the air
Blue sky
I see it in the carshed
Blue car
I see it rough sometime
Blue sea
I see it on the wall
Blue painting
I see it on dad sometimes
Blue undies
I see it on shoes
Blue laces
I see it in the fridge
Blue powerade
I see it on my dog
Blue collar
I see my golf gear
Blue golf bag
I see it on my calf
Blue halter
I see it on my arm
Blue cast
I see it with crackers
Blue cheese
I see it on the police
Blue vest
Blue, Blue, I see blue everywhere
                             By Ashton Sharp