Saturday, 18 April 2015

The scariest looking spider

Me and Mum got home from the rugby today and I went to open the door to get out of the carshed. Then I saw a massive bronze spider on the side of the door right next to the door handle. It gave my a massive fright because my hand was so close to touching it.  When I saw  the ugly big spider I yelled for Mum. Mum shrieked "yuck" and she said to me to go and get a jar with a lid. Mum put the spider in a bucket and she got the spider to climb onto the stick then we shook the spider off the stick into the jar. We took it inside and Googled information about the spider. Here is some of the information about the  spider. The spider has two names and they are Vagrant Spider or Prowling Spider. It is one of 20 species of this breed of spider. A Vagrant Spider is medium to large in size. Its body length can get to 2cm. It is usually found under logs and big stones in native bushes and our gardens. They mainly come  out at night to hunt and build there webs. They mainly eat ground dwelling invertebrates which means they love things like ants and beetles and grasshoppers. They can run very fast and stop suddenly and freeze. A male Vagrant Spider has longer legs and a slimmer body compared to the female. The male Vagrant Spider has a pink palp but some can be hairy. A palp is the sticking out things from their mouth that helps the spider eat and feel things. This spider has large fangs. This spiders bite is painful as a bee sting so be careful  if you see a big spider like this. I now know that the spider I found is a male Vagrant Spider from using the information I found on Google. Thank you for reading my story.


  1. Ashton
    Wow! Wow! What a wonderful post. I love all the combinations that you have going on here. Firstly taking the opportunity to photograph the spider was a great idea. It was wonderful that you wrote about it, but seeing the details about the spider and the photographs made it even better. I loved the information that you had researched using Google, I thought this was fantastic. I didn't know about this spider, however your information was exactly the facts that I needed to know. Great to see the photo with the pen so I had an idea of scale. Brilliant post.
    Mr Webb

  2. Hello Ashton,

    I am impressed by your vagrant spider find. Here in Australia we have similar large spider called the huntsman. They seem to enjoy living inside houses. I often have to evict one or two in a year. Luckily for the spiders, I find them interesting so release them out in the garden. I wonder if it's the same spider coming back each time? :)

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  3. Great story Ashton. I'm so glad you found the spider before me. I hope you plan to release it a long way from our house so as it does not return to scare us again. (Mum)

  4. Hi Ashton,
    I really enjoyed reading you blog post, even though I'm not a huge fan of spiders. It was informative to read and you've included some great photos, especially the one with the pen to give some perspective. Apart from any tropic spiders that have to be kept in in special conditions I believe the biggest spider in England is the cardinal spider. They are about 14cms in length (including their legs) on average. I tweeted a picture of one to Mr Webb. Thankfully I haven't seen any that big in my house! I usually find common house spiders inside, which we name Fred to make them less scary. They are normally inside during the autumn and winter and around 7 or 8 cms in length.

    Keep blogging!

    Mrs Atherton
    Hopwood C P School, England

  5. Dear Ashton,
    We 've read your story in the classroom. It is great! It was so interesting to know about this spider!! We have never seen such big one! It looks frightening.
    Mrs Golubeva and students,
    Kansk, Russia

  6. Creepy cool and awesome Ashton!.