Wednesday, 29 April 2015



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My homework poem for week2

Yellow-fun to hit!
Driver, smack, boom!
Where has it gone?
Bounce, fast onto a green
Steady, swing, tap
Where has it gone?
Round, hard, dimpled, holed
Found one yellow golf ball
                                     By Ashton Sharp

Thursday, 23 April 2015

my first calf Ginja Ninja


ANZAC DAY on Saturday this week we have in Taranaki lots of ANZAC services. Some start at 6am and others are later in the morning and some are at night. At all the service they play The Last Post. At each service they have a parade and then a wreath laying ceremony to remember the lives lost during the war. After the service everyone is invited to have food and a cup of tea and talk together.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The scariest looking spider

Me and Mum got home from the rugby today and I went to open the door to get out of the carshed. Then I saw a massive bronze spider on the side of the door right next to the door handle. It gave my a massive fright because my hand was so close to touching it.  When I saw  the ugly big spider I yelled for Mum. Mum shrieked "yuck" and she said to me to go and get a jar with a lid. Mum put the spider in a bucket and she got the spider to climb onto the stick then we shook the spider off the stick into the jar. We took it inside and Googled information about the spider. Here is some of the information about the  spider. The spider has two names and they are Vagrant Spider or Prowling Spider. It is one of 20 species of this breed of spider. A Vagrant Spider is medium to large in size. Its body length can get to 2cm. It is usually found under logs and big stones in native bushes and our gardens. They mainly come  out at night to hunt and build there webs. They mainly eat ground dwelling invertebrates which means they love things like ants and beetles and grasshoppers. They can run very fast and stop suddenly and freeze. A male Vagrant Spider has longer legs and a slimmer body compared to the female. The male Vagrant Spider has a pink palp but some can be hairy. A palp is the sticking out things from their mouth that helps the spider eat and feel things. This spider has large fangs. This spiders bite is painful as a bee sting so be careful  if you see a big spider like this. I now know that the spider I found is a male Vagrant Spider from using the information I found on Google. Thank you for reading my story.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Weet-bix Tryathlon 2015

Ding! Ding! Ding! My alarm went off. It's 6 o'clock in the morning and I looked outside and it was very dark. It was the weet-bix tryathlon day. So I quickly got my breakfast and quickly got in my clothes and got ready to go. My sister and I were ready to go but mum still wasn't home from milking to take us. I was getting so nervous. Click, click I heard the door open and mum was home at last. As fast as we could we put the bike and helmet into the back of the truck and all the other gear that I needed. Me, Mum and Jayda drove for 1 hour until we got to New Plymouth.  Finally we were at the weet-bix kids tryathlon in New Plymouth. First we had to take all my gear to the blue check in tent. They scanned my bar code on my event shirt and gave me a yellow swimming cap. The yellow swimming cap was for the 8 year olds race. Next I had to take my bike and helmet to the transition area. For me to find my bike and gear fast I had a stock stick with my favourite soft toy tied to the top. I then took my breakfast card to the weet-bix tent to get my free breakfast. It was weet-bix bites and peaches. After I had my 2nd breakfast for the day we went to find the Auroa school tent. Paige and I sat on the beach bank waiting for our race. Finally it was the 8 year old boys turn. It was my turn at last!  I had to swim 100metres along the beach. I tripped in a big hole and fell over into salt water and got salt and sand in my mouth. Yuck!! I got out of the water and had to run but it was so hard to run in the sand. I got into the  bike transition early where we get our bikes. I had to put on my shoes and socks, shorts and shirt. Then clipped on my helmet and ran my bike to the starting point of the bike race. I got on and started riding in 6th gear, it was hard going up the  hillside on the first corner. When I came round the 6th corner there was a crash and I was lucky to not be in that crash. The one that caused the crash was half a foot away from almost hitting my bike tyre, but I sped up. I had to bike about 4km. Now I am onto the ran part of the tryathlon. I had to ran 1.5km. Seeing the weet-box tunnel I knew I was almost finished. At the finish line were the ambassadors. Their names are Mika Vukona and Tom Abercrombie, NZ Tall Blacks and Skycity Breakers basketball players. Silver Fern netball player Catherlne Latu and All Black Aaron Smith. Tom Abercrombie gave me my medal and I got a drink of water. The hardest part of the tryathlon was the run but I was so happy I had done it all. I didn't want a photo so I went to find Mum and my sister. After the very last person finished we had prize giving then mum took me and Jayda up town for lunch.

Weet-bix kids tryathlon from Ashton sharp on Vimeo.