Saturday, 28 March 2015

My cat Jack Black

My cat

Born in February 2014, Jack Black still run's. Jack Black is my cats name. He likes to play, run and attack  mum and dad's and my toes. He has white toes and tall black and white leg's. But the funniest is that he can do tricks. The best trick is that he can headbut at bed time and as part of has smooching when he comes inside. If he is  scarred, like during a storm he will go under the house. He has one sister and her name is Mousey and she is my sister's cat. Jack Black's mum got ran over just outside of our house and he has a dad that looks after his five brothers and sisters. My Dad is happy that Jack is putting little hole's In his silage bales. He uses his claws to climb the three layer pile of bales. My Jack Black goes down to the cow shed in the morning to get his fresh warm  milk and get's his biscuits at home. He also love's his meat in gravy. Jack Black sleep's wherever his fluffy blue blanket is. That is all about my Jack Black, the best cat ever.

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