Saturday, 28 March 2015

Ashton and Jaffa

  Putting Jaffa on the trailer I could feel my heart was racing and I was shaking as well when going up the ramp. Getting into Stratford, getting closer and closer and more nervous. Finally we were at the Stratford A&P showgrounds for the Taranaki school boys and girls calf show competition. I took Jaffa off the trailer and we went into the cow and calf sheds because that was where Jaffa had to stay. Yay! it is time to shine Jaffa. I had to wipe  inside her ears, around her eyes and clean her sticky nose. Crunch, crunch, Jaffa was onto another barely sugar lolly. The funniest was when I opened a packet of chips and Jaffa thought they were some more of her barely sugars because Jaffa loves her barley sugars. After a final brush of Jaffa's coat I checked her feet were clean and gave her a cuddle for good luck. We were finally ready for showing. We went out into the show ring with lots of other kids and their calves for the leading event. We didn't get placed even though Jaffa walked nicely. We had to wait 10 minutes for our next event. Yay! it is  time for the rearing event. We got 1st in the junior rearing section, then we had to go into the championship ring for the overall winner of the rearing event. This meant Jaffa and me and the senior champion were competing for the top rearing prize. Wahoo I was so excited. We got the reserve champion prize. Yay! We had to wait another 5 minutes. This time to do the dairy type event. Yay! We have got 2nd place for dairy type, which means we missed out on going into the championship ring again. We have no more events to participate in so mum took some photos of Jaffa and me with our ribbons then I put Jaffa's warm cover back on. I then put Jaffa back in the trailer and packed up all her things and went home. When we got home I gave Jaffa a big hug and  another barley sugar and let her go back into her paddock with her friend Bow, my sister's calf.


  1. Ashton,
    The love you feel for Jaffa is clear in your post. My favorite line, I gave her a cuddle for luck.
    Jaffa is lucky to have you!

  2. Well done Ashton
    How did you do in your other events ?
    From: Blake Hughes

  3. Ashton
    You've put so much effort into this post - I am really thrilled about the detail and how you've taken something that you were involved in and important to you and wrote about it. Great job and I loved the picture that went with it, because it further illustrated your point.
    Mr Webb