Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nugget and Rock

Nugget and Rock from Ashton Sharp on Vimeo.

Today Nugget and Rock left our farm for good. I have looked after these two since they were calves and today they went to the sale yards. Nugget and Rock are now over two years old. Nugget was the friendliest and came up for scratches lots of times. I am going to miss Nugget and Rock

Monday, 21 September 2015

Four Leaf Clover

Last week mum found a four leaf clover when she was shifting the cows on to a new break of grass. A four leaf clover is not very common to find. Normally a clover only has three leaves. To find a four leaf clover it is meant to bring you good luck. Jayda and I went out to the paddock to see if we could find one. But we couldn't, so mum was very lucky to find this one.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

A Cow with Milk Fever

On Friday Dad and I went to get the cows in for their afternoon milking. As I was shutting the cows in the yard I saw a white cow go down at the back of the yard. I ran to find Dad to tell him that the white cow was down. "Oh she probably has got milk fever" he said. "So can you go get a bag of glucalphos out of the cupboard?" he asked me. What is milk fever? Milk fever (hypocalcaemia) is a metabolic disorder caused by not enough calcium. A metabolic disorder is when a cow doesn't get the energy that she needs from the foods that she eats. That means this cow has no energy and just collapsed and she can not get to her feet again. Dad, Jayda and I treated the white cow with glucalphos because she had milk fever. Dad put one needle in the vein in her neck and then put another needle in under the skin over her ribs. Next he hooked up the tubes to each needle and Jayda and I held a bag each of glucalphos to let the fluid go slowly into her body. After all the treatment had gone into the cows body we left her for a little while to rest and to let the medicine work. After about 10 minutes she got up a bit wobbly, so Dad and I put her in the paddock to rest and get better.

This is Jayda and me helping Dad treat the cow that has milk fever

This is the medicine called Glucalphos that we used to treat the cow with milk fever

Saturday, 5 September 2015

What is a doggy bag?

On Friday Mum and Dad took me and Jayda to Headlands Restaurant  in Opunake for tea.  We ordered our tea and some drinks. Our meals came out large and were delicious to eat. While l was eating the last bit of my meal I looked over at Mum and Dad's plates and they were finished. Then I looked at Jayda's plate and she was struggling to eat all her tea so she asked the waitress if she could have a doggy bag. What is a doggy bag? It is a bag or a container that you put leftover food in that you couldn't eat from your meal so that you can take it home. Doggy bag got its name because customers were too full from the meal that they ordered, so they asked for a bag or a container to put their leftovers in so they could take it home to feed to their dog but secretly they eat it themselves the next day. Today the doggy bag is known as the 'take out box' or the ' to go box' or 'box'. Doggy bags became popular in the 1940's because World War II had lots of wasted leftover steak bones and other food scraps lying around. ( of the doggie bag). Jayda was happy because her leftover tea got put into a plastic container and Jayda got to bring it home and eat it for lunch the next day.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Helping Ariana

Ariana Lawn is a three year old girl that has spastic dystonic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. This means she is finding it hard to move like we do because her muscles are stiff and have painful spasms which are causing damage to her hips and spine. Ariana has to have help to walk. She is a Taranaki girl and she lives close to me but I don't know her. She is asking everyone for help to raise money for her operation overseas. Ariana needs the operation to help her muscle pain hurt less and to walk on her own. She needs to raise $100,000 to go to St Louis Children's Hospital in the USA to have this operation. One of the ways that Ariana is asking for help is by asking farmers to rear a bull calf. I am helping Mum and Dad rear a calf for her. The calf is a black bull and its name is Ari. We have to rear Ari to weaning of about 100kg ready for the early November Sale. Ari has a special tag that is sponsored by Allflex that is pink. Ari gets to wear number 268. Hopefully at the sale there will be lots of calves reared and sold for Ariana so that she can have her operation.

This is Ari the black bull calf that we are rearing for Ariana

This is the information we got about Ariana that came with the pink tag 268 for our calf

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hi my name is Ashton and I will be showing you how to float a ping pong ball


Ping pong ball

Hair dryer

  • Steps

  • Step1: Plug in the hair dryer and turn on the switch.

  • Step2: Put the hair dryer on fill notch.  

  • Step3: put the ping pong ball on top of the hair dryer.

  • Step4: Then the ping pong  ball should hit the roof

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The steps I take to feed a new calf

The steps I take to feed a new calf that Dad puts in our calf shed:
1:  First you need to get the cow into the cowshed.
2:  Then you get the cow from the yard and row her up into the herringbone (milking parlour).
3:  Now you have to turn on the milk pump.
4:  Now you put the milking cluster on the cows udder and watch her give all her milk.
5:  Once the cow has finished milking put some fresh warm milk into a calf feeding bottle.
6:  Now you take the bottle out to the calf shed.
7:  Then with out scaring the calf you step over the calf and use your knees to hold the calf in a headlock.
8:  Then you stick two fingers in the calf's mouth and then stick the teat in its mouth.
9:  When the calf stays on the teat drinking by itself you can release the calf from the head lock.
10: Let the calf drink all the warm milk until it's tummy is full and fat.
11: Now take the bottle back to the cowshed and rinse it out.
12: Let the calf rest with its full tummy
This calf is called Womble. This photo shows me giving Womble her first feed in our calf shed

Saturday, 11 July 2015

a photo of Mt Taranaki

Mum was cooking tea and I quietly sneaked mums phone and took this cool photo of Mt Taranaki from over our fence and I edited it too

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

One of my favourite places

A photo that I took on Monday of the 18th hole with my golf bag. It is one of my favourite places.⛳️

Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Big Belt Sander Job

I went to bed Friday night wondering what will happen tomorrow. But when I woke up in the morning Mum was right in my eyes yelling at me get up, get up. "Why do I have to get up so early in the morning?" I said. Mum said "we were going to help Nana and Pop renovate their house".  I used to live in this house. Time to get going. The truck engine has started. Coming out of the car shed and out the gate we go. We are out the gate and on the road. Turning  away from Opunake we follow surf highway 45 towards Manaia. After about 25 minutes of driving we finally arrived at Nana's new house. I walked inside with my earmuffs in my hands and I went to find pop to see if he needed help with any jobs. I found Pop in the bathroom ripping up the lino. "What a mess!!" I said. Pop said "do you won't a job man?" I said "yes pop". Pop asked "do you want to use the big belt sander and sand the floor where I have already pulled up the lino? "Yip, yip, yip I want to do that" I said excitedly. I put on my earmuffs and Pop showed me how to use the big belt sander safely. I had to hold on tightly and make sure the power cord was behind me. I pressed the start button and it took off on me, it was so powerful that I wasn't ready so pop had to reset me again. I pressed the button again but this time I was ready to hang on tight but every few minutes I had to stop and go for a walk outside to straighten my back and get fresh air because it was real dusty in the bathroom and my back hurt because I was bent over all the time. It took me 3 hours to do the whole floor. I have done the bathroom floor and I  was so, so happy it was finally finished but I was so sore and buggared and tired that pop decided that was all we were going to do for the day. We both sat down and enjoyed a good feed and drink that Nana had made us.

Friday, 29 May 2015

The Muscovy Ducks are Shifting

On Saturday we went to Nana and Pops to help them start to pack and shift. They are moving to a new house. When I got to Nana and Pops I could see that we were going to be shifting Nana and my Muscovy ducks out to Glenn Road. This is where Nana and Pop are shifting to. We went inside to see Nana and Pop. Mum had a coffee with Nana while I went and helped Pop. Heading into the paddock with the trailer on behind Pop's truck we drove over to the duck house. Pop backed the trailer up to the door of the duck house. Me and Pop went to get some sheets of iron to use with the ramp so that the ducks couldn't run away. Before we could get the ducks into the trailer Nana put some pellets on the ramp to trick them to go into the trailer. The ducks wouldn't run up the ramp onto the trailer so Mum, Nana and me had to catch each duck and put them on the trailer. We had to catch 17 ducks and 2 chickens. It was funny because Nana and Mum had trouble catching the ducks because they were running and flying away. Mum had blood running off her middle finger because the ducks have sharp claws and one sliced her finger when it tried to get away from her. Pops job was to guard the trailer gate and not let the ducks get out. My job was to put the ducks into a corner to make it easier for Nana and Mum to catch them. The drakes, big boy ducks were the cheekiest and hardest to catch. Quack! The last duck goes on the trailer. Mrs Brown and Silky the 2 chickens were last on to the trailer. Clunk! The gate shuts quickly! We didn't want them to get out and have to restart the duck chase again. Click, click, click, the tie down goes hard against the ramp to hold it against the wall of the trailer. Now the ducks are ready to be taken to their new home on Glenn Road. Me, Nana and Pop head out of the gate and on to the road. Now we are on the main road and drive past Mokoia School. Next we are in Hawera. Then we are in Manaia, nearly at Glenn Road. We turn on to Glenn Road, only 1.5km to go to Nana and Pop's new house. When we got to the new house Pop had to back the trailer in by the ducks new house. This time Mum put on some gloves so she didn't get any more sliced fingers. She got in the trailer and had to catch the ducks again. Mum held on to each duck tightly so that Nana could clip their wings. Clip, clip, clip the ducks wings are clipped so they don't fly out of their new pen. Nana only clipped one wing on each duck because they need to be uneven so that they can't fly. My job was to open the door for Nana to put the ducks into their new home and not let them out. Our Muscovy ducks and chickens are happy in their new home. They have a warm house and a yard to run around in and a pool to swim in. By Ashton Sharp

Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to back a truck and trailer into a ramp

1st step You have to get a cattle truck and trailer. 2nd step Then you put the truck into reverse. 3rd step When you have backed the trailer then you put the trailer brakes on. 4th step When you sill have the trailer brakes on then you back the truck up to the trailer. 5th step Then you take them to some farm.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Blue poem

I see it on the farm
Blue tractor
I see it up in the air
Blue sky
I see it in the carshed
Blue car
I see it rough sometime
Blue sea
I see it on the wall
Blue painting
I see it on dad sometimes
Blue undies
I see it on shoes
Blue laces
I see it in the fridge
Blue powerade
I see it on my dog
Blue collar
I see my golf gear
Blue golf bag
I see it on my calf
Blue halter
I see it on my arm
Blue cast
I see it with crackers
Blue cheese
I see it on the police
Blue vest
Blue, Blue, I see blue everywhere
                             By Ashton Sharp

Wednesday, 29 April 2015



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My homework poem for week2

Yellow-fun to hit!
Driver, smack, boom!
Where has it gone?
Bounce, fast onto a green
Steady, swing, tap
Where has it gone?
Round, hard, dimpled, holed
Found one yellow golf ball
                                     By Ashton Sharp

Thursday, 23 April 2015

my first calf Ginja Ninja


ANZAC DAY on Saturday this week we have in Taranaki lots of ANZAC services. Some start at 6am and others are later in the morning and some are at night. At all the service they play The Last Post. At each service they have a parade and then a wreath laying ceremony to remember the lives lost during the war. After the service everyone is invited to have food and a cup of tea and talk together.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The scariest looking spider

Me and Mum got home from the rugby today and I went to open the door to get out of the carshed. Then I saw a massive bronze spider on the side of the door right next to the door handle. It gave my a massive fright because my hand was so close to touching it.  When I saw  the ugly big spider I yelled for Mum. Mum shrieked "yuck" and she said to me to go and get a jar with a lid. Mum put the spider in a bucket and she got the spider to climb onto the stick then we shook the spider off the stick into the jar. We took it inside and Googled information about the spider. Here is some of the information about the  spider. The spider has two names and they are Vagrant Spider or Prowling Spider. It is one of 20 species of this breed of spider. A Vagrant Spider is medium to large in size. Its body length can get to 2cm. It is usually found under logs and big stones in native bushes and our gardens. They mainly come  out at night to hunt and build there webs. They mainly eat ground dwelling invertebrates which means they love things like ants and beetles and grasshoppers. They can run very fast and stop suddenly and freeze. A male Vagrant Spider has longer legs and a slimmer body compared to the female. The male Vagrant Spider has a pink palp but some can be hairy. A palp is the sticking out things from their mouth that helps the spider eat and feel things. This spider has large fangs. This spiders bite is painful as a bee sting so be careful  if you see a big spider like this. I now know that the spider I found is a male Vagrant Spider from using the information I found on Google. Thank you for reading my story.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Weet-bix Tryathlon 2015

Ding! Ding! Ding! My alarm went off. It's 6 o'clock in the morning and I looked outside and it was very dark. It was the weet-bix tryathlon day. So I quickly got my breakfast and quickly got in my clothes and got ready to go. My sister and I were ready to go but mum still wasn't home from milking to take us. I was getting so nervous. Click, click I heard the door open and mum was home at last. As fast as we could we put the bike and helmet into the back of the truck and all the other gear that I needed. Me, Mum and Jayda drove for 1 hour until we got to New Plymouth.  Finally we were at the weet-bix kids tryathlon in New Plymouth. First we had to take all my gear to the blue check in tent. They scanned my bar code on my event shirt and gave me a yellow swimming cap. The yellow swimming cap was for the 8 year olds race. Next I had to take my bike and helmet to the transition area. For me to find my bike and gear fast I had a stock stick with my favourite soft toy tied to the top. I then took my breakfast card to the weet-bix tent to get my free breakfast. It was weet-bix bites and peaches. After I had my 2nd breakfast for the day we went to find the Auroa school tent. Paige and I sat on the beach bank waiting for our race. Finally it was the 8 year old boys turn. It was my turn at last!  I had to swim 100metres along the beach. I tripped in a big hole and fell over into salt water and got salt and sand in my mouth. Yuck!! I got out of the water and had to run but it was so hard to run in the sand. I got into the  bike transition early where we get our bikes. I had to put on my shoes and socks, shorts and shirt. Then clipped on my helmet and ran my bike to the starting point of the bike race. I got on and started riding in 6th gear, it was hard going up the  hillside on the first corner. When I came round the 6th corner there was a crash and I was lucky to not be in that crash. The one that caused the crash was half a foot away from almost hitting my bike tyre, but I sped up. I had to bike about 4km. Now I am onto the ran part of the tryathlon. I had to ran 1.5km. Seeing the weet-box tunnel I knew I was almost finished. At the finish line were the ambassadors. Their names are Mika Vukona and Tom Abercrombie, NZ Tall Blacks and Skycity Breakers basketball players. Silver Fern netball player Catherlne Latu and All Black Aaron Smith. Tom Abercrombie gave me my medal and I got a drink of water. The hardest part of the tryathlon was the run but I was so happy I had done it all. I didn't want a photo so I went to find Mum and my sister. After the very last person finished we had prize giving then mum took me and Jayda up town for lunch.

Weet-bix kids tryathlon from Ashton sharp on Vimeo.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Ashton and Jaffa

  Putting Jaffa on the trailer I could feel my heart was racing and I was shaking as well when going up the ramp. Getting into Stratford, getting closer and closer and more nervous. Finally we were at the Stratford A&P showgrounds for the Taranaki school boys and girls calf show competition. I took Jaffa off the trailer and we went into the cow and calf sheds because that was where Jaffa had to stay. Yay! it is time to shine Jaffa. I had to wipe  inside her ears, around her eyes and clean her sticky nose. Crunch, crunch, Jaffa was onto another barely sugar lolly. The funniest was when I opened a packet of chips and Jaffa thought they were some more of her barely sugars because Jaffa loves her barley sugars. After a final brush of Jaffa's coat I checked her feet were clean and gave her a cuddle for good luck. We were finally ready for showing. We went out into the show ring with lots of other kids and their calves for the leading event. We didn't get placed even though Jaffa walked nicely. We had to wait 10 minutes for our next event. Yay! it is  time for the rearing event. We got 1st in the junior rearing section, then we had to go into the championship ring for the overall winner of the rearing event. This meant Jaffa and me and the senior champion were competing for the top rearing prize. Wahoo I was so excited. We got the reserve champion prize. Yay! We had to wait another 5 minutes. This time to do the dairy type event. Yay! We have got 2nd place for dairy type, which means we missed out on going into the championship ring again. We have no more events to participate in so mum took some photos of Jaffa and me with our ribbons then I put Jaffa's warm cover back on. I then put Jaffa back in the trailer and packed up all her things and went home. When we got home I gave Jaffa a big hug and  another barley sugar and let her go back into her paddock with her friend Bow, my sister's calf.

My cat Jack Black

My cat

Born in February 2014, Jack Black still run's. Jack Black is my cats name. He likes to play, run and attack  mum and dad's and my toes. He has white toes and tall black and white leg's. But the funniest is that he can do tricks. The best trick is that he can headbut at bed time and as part of has smooching when he comes inside. If he is  scarred, like during a storm he will go under the house. He has one sister and her name is Mousey and she is my sister's cat. Jack Black's mum got ran over just outside of our house and he has a dad that looks after his five brothers and sisters. My Dad is happy that Jack is putting little hole's In his silage bales. He uses his claws to climb the three layer pile of bales. My Jack Black goes down to the cow shed in the morning to get his fresh warm  milk and get's his biscuits at home. He also love's his meat in gravy. Jack Black sleep's wherever his fluffy blue blanket is. That is all about my Jack Black, the best cat ever.