Friday, 10 October 2014

The Hawera Water Tower

Harry and I went  up the tall water tower In Hawera on Monday the 6th of October. Me and Harry could feel the pain going down to our legs as we climbed to the top of the tower.  Harry's mum  said  the water tower  has  215 steps. Once me and Harry got to the top we nearly got blown off the top because it was very windy.  We could see the whole town. Harry has been  there before. And I had another  great day out during the school holidays.🗼

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Golf with Jarrad Martin

On Thursday the 2nd October I played in the South Taranaki under 19 age group golf tournament held at Manaia. I played 9  holes off the yellow tee's. In my group I played with Joe Gibson and Tayshawn Martin. I played pretty good and my score was 72. At prize giving I got 4th over all.  After prize giving Tayshawn and his father were going out to play another 9 hole's and asked me to play with them. Cool! I went and got my golf clubs and joined them. I was excited to play with my new friend Tayshawn and his father. Tayshawn's father is  a NZ sporting legend. His name is Jarrad Martin. Jarrad Martin plays softball for NZ. He has won 2 Junior World Championships and 4 World  Championships. He was captain of the NZ Black Sox team. He was a pitcher and a big hitter of the ball. He was 17 year's old when he 1st played for NZ. Jarrad is from Waitara. He was NZ Softball Player of the year in 1996 and 1999. He was also NZ Maori Sportsman of the year in 1999. Jarrad loves sport, he also represented Taranaki at golf and played rugby. I had a really cool time playing golf with Tayshawn and Jarrad Martin.⛳️⚾️

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Mum and Jayda found a slug that was 12 centimetres long yesterday. I said to mum where did you and Jayda find it? She said Jayda found it on the footpath at our place. Wow! This is the biggest slug I have  seen in my life, so I went  inside and got a ruler to measure the slug. It was long and fat. I thought that my 3 chickens would have a tug of war and fight over the slug, but the greedy fat chicken stole the slug and hid in the chook house and ate it. ðŸŒðŸ¥THE END