Thursday, 7 August 2014

My cat

That black Thing is my cat . His name  is Jack black. He sleep on my bed. He is a playful cat and he is a good cat,he sats on my lap


  1. I can't believe this is the same tiny kitten that your Mum brought into Room 8 at the start of the year! Boy he has grown, you must be feeding him well. What is his favourite food?
    Miss Nicholas

  2. Yes Miss Nicholas this is the cat mum bought into your class. He is 6months old now. Jack Black loves to eat his little biscuits, gravy with Turkey meat and his colostrum milk that I get from the cowshed for him. He loves playing with his little mouse that he got from the vets. He loves to play fight with his sister. Jack Black loves to climb up mums curtains. He comes and sleeps on my bed in the mornings. We took Jack Black to the vets yesterday to have an operation. The vet weighed him. He was 3.3kg. He is a real cool cat.

  3. Cool cat ashton I have a black cat an it's carbow